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Track Name: Gold
Take everything I have left
And throw it away into this dirty river
So I can sink in muddled silence slowly after it
I used to believe in second chances
But every one I ever took
Ended me in exactly the same place
So what would you have me do?
Shed my skin like a wounded snake
So I can't recognize the poison that I used to be
No, becuase I'll look the same
But I will always know
the same broken, ground down, venom fangs

No matter what we try to change, we will always stay the same
We were never fucking gold, true to form I will remain.
Track Name: Siren Song
There's no wall in this town to break open my hands.
No broken home to call me.
If you feel so threatened, sound your own alarm.
I'll already be gone.
Track Name: Commonplace
I'm trying not to breathe
Tear my discretion out of me
Ground, grit down on my teeth
Turn around,
dispute loose tongues, blurted out
phrases: sore, corrosive.

Built up, and burned through disguise.
Private matters and blue eyed
I'm holding my fingers to my skull
and no matter how its said, it never seem clear
to you
I'm burning out.
You're holding up

a light in the shape of a flag
that burns with the screaming
fear of a love that you can't understand.
with the fear of a love
that you refuse to understand.
Track Name: US 60
Drive slow on the wind that carries you home.
With sweat down your back and the speakers beating down
like an audible heart attack.
Hold the ocean above your head before it falls.
Taste the rain, feed the exit signs
blank flaming metal wire exhast.

And I knew that it would be this way as soon as I saw your eyes.
Twin reflections of the love you've lost.
The freckles in their olive skin: kin to the beautiful flaws of a life once lived
in days familiar with the taste of disgust.
Track Name: Glendower Drive
He felt the whole world forget to breathe.
The cracked pavement: all he could stand to see
and the smell of blood and asphalt rising with the summer heat
Screaming for someone out there, but feeling more and more alone
Pieced together and broken apart,
the day painted red like his sunken, broken heart.

And so he screamed to the god he used to believe in.
Fruitless prayers in the only words he knew to say.
They came out less psalms of the joyful heart
and more curses to a vengeful heartless king.

Shaken and no longer unbreakable,
made in this life to feel so alone.

So with these voices raise like flags to morning suns
and arms no longer tied down,
the sun still stings and stains our eyes
with those same tears.

Wake up.

I've seen the sun at every angle in the sky today, and still no open eye.
Track Name: Twins
Come back to me.
Track Name: Tuesday
Pavement speaks too and it sings songs of tragedy
Broken ground like the stripped sound of the songs we sing
Under every crooked wave, asleep, deep in broken dreams
Longing one day to wake up

But the sun never rises on an earth with the shade pulled down
And death moves to silence the sound
Of hearts beating like fists on the walls that enclose us
Breaking out of the cells that hold us
And so, stung by the light from the cracked door of tomorrow's life
We are awake, we are alive

To the empty eyes at the surface of this solid ground
We are voicing our statements now
Screaming at the sun, I will not be broken
No curse can kill me, no blade can spill my blood
No cage can hold me, and no fear can make me run

And when they tell us we're dying,
we'll just hold on tightly and remember
what we're living for

they tried to steal your voice
so you kept screaming from your window
no curse can kill me, no curse can kill me
they tried to steal your voice
stung by the light from the cracked door of tomorrow's life
we are awake, we are alive