Homeward Carries No Direction


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released October 10, 2010



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XERXES Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Freefall
Was it some thunder that snapped your eyes to attention?
Some deep blue heaven's grasp threatened at your throat?
Some direction that failed you in free fall?
Your own ocean holding you under?
To feel your own disappearance float to the bottom,
left you flailing at the surface of a dream.
And I am drowning in my faith, choking on belief.
I see you still, I'm sinking with you.

I see myself without a doubt behind your eyes:
the recurrence of your fears, your doubt, your life.
Each step that drew you closer to that cliff's edge.

Life's vindictive voice drew a noose,
and love couldn't raise you
Track Name: Runaways
I laid doubt on an altar for you to bow before.
Like i would stay forever, and if I could,
I would make each sunrise a gunshot
so you could feel your breath slip away
before you see the morning.
(The sun lays low on your shoulder,
slung like a carcass.)
"There's no place that i would rather be
(Your branches weathered through the storms
and their silence.)
than holding your face in the dirt,
so when you breathe in my ear,
I can hear the mud caught in your throat."

There's no love song for a crooked voice to sing,
there's no tongue that tastes freedom's blood.
Words speak around the burden that buries us,
such truth from silent lungs.

Our guilt is captured in the darkest hours.
When there is none: in every rising sun.
Unflinching, let your eyes fall to the sky.
Pray to your morning,

(The sun lays low on your shoulder,
slung like a carcass)
"There's no place that I would rather be
(Your branches weathered through the storms
and their silence)
than holding your voice in my hands,
so when you scream in my ear, I can turn it off."

Did you ever even see me turn around?
Give even one glance back?
I don't believe there's any home.
Homeward carries no direction anymore.